Today is Gonna Be the Day


Every day when I wake up, I motivate myself by thinking that today is going to be the day a big sale hits. Domain name sales come in with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes they develop from inbound inquiries and sometimes a bit of outbound marketing yields positive results.

Just about every important domain name sale I’ve closed started on a day like every other day. Maybe I was in the middle of breakfast when the inquiry was received. Perhaps I was out running an errand or playing soccer with the kids when a prospective buyer responded to an outbound email I sent. An average day like every other day turned into a great day real fast.

Today is going to be that day for someone – hopefully that someone is you.

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  1. Thx for the needed motivation Elliot, “Every Day I write the Book” Elvis Costello. applies here.

    I Keep reminding myself
    “Some domain owner/investor is on the receiving end of every daily reported domain salesl…it’s my turn”

    Glad to hear of your time with the kids. My new grandson and his smile on my phone background is a reminder of why we do what we do and reason enough for me to keep going


  2. Good Stuff Elliot….a friend of mine always said, “Fake it ’til you make it”….seems like a trite expression, but it works similar to one of the best books I ever read, “Smile for No Good Reason”

  3. Nice, post and generous kindness, Elliot. Experts say that if you go beyond thinking and actually open your mouth and speak such good things over your life (when nobody is listening, but out loud nonetheless), that you will see an increase in activity. It would be a good experiment. I have found it quite useful, myself.

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