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Peter Niederman Purchased for $40,000


KentwoodThe last time I wrote an article mentioning Peter Niederman, it was when his company acquired in a seven figure deal. Peter's company made another acquisition this week, and while the deal isn't worth as much as the deal, the acqusition is highly valuable to the company.

Peter's company, Kentwood Real Estate, purchased from Scott Day's Digimedia for $40,000. The domain name is now forwarding to, the primary website for Kentwood. The deal was transacted without the assistance of an intermediary. "As an end user, this is well suited for my real estate company in Denver called Kentwood Real Estate. We will continue to operate our website under," Peter told me.

If you live in the Denver area, you've probably heard of Kentwood Real Estate. In 2012, Kentwood closed more than $1.7 Billion in real estate transactions in the state of Colorado. This year, the company is on track to surpass $2 billion in transactions. I am told that  Kentwood controls the → Read More

Boulevards Sells in “Seven Figure” Deal


I just received a phone call from Dan Pulcrano, CEO of Boulevards New Media Inc. , and he was happy to share the news that his company sold in a "seven figure transaction." The buyer is Denver businessman Peter Niederman, CEO of Kentwood Real Estate, and I was able to confirm the deal with him over the phone. Niederman also  recently bought and he also owns and operates

The exact terms and financial value of the deal are subject to a non disclosure agreement, but Boulevards will continue to manage the property on behalf of the buyer. Prior to the deal, Neiderman had been the exclusive real estate partner on Niederman's company did $1.1 billion in residential real estate transactions last year and is on target for between $1.3-$1.4 billion this year.

Boulevards bought the domain name in 1996 for $6,250 as part of what is believed to be the domain name industry's first significant portfolio purchase. Boulevards is currently the largest owner and operator of top tier US → Read More