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Buying Domains at Bankruptcy Auctions


I spent some time with someone who mentioned that his company filed for a strategic bankruptcy in the past year. Although I have recently come to know this person and his family pretty well in just the past two years, I had known of his company since I was a kid because of his company's regional television commercials. In fact, I was joking around with him by imitating some of the lines that were frequently used in his commercials.

When we were talking about the bankruptcy, I asked him about his company's fairly generic domain name (contained part of his brand but would have been defensibly generic since many other companies use the term). He mentioned that it sold for $3,000 in a bankruptcy auction, along with other business assets (both intellectual property and tangible equipment and goods).

After doing some research, it seems the site still gets about 2,000 visits per month and has a ton of back links. I feel the name would have been worth at least $10,000 to a domain investor based on traffic alone.   I was a bit bummed → Read More