My Largest Check Ever


I was very surprised to receive such a large check in the mail a couple of days ago. Thanks to Brian Gilbert for following through on his word and sending me the money he owed plus interest…

It’s too bad the bank said there were not sufficient funds in the account.

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  1. OH MY GOD, that is the funniest thing ever! Its totally something that Brian (or Charlotte) would do! I agree with Anthony, you should keep it up on your home page.

  2. You should take it to the bank just to see if they would take it.

    Of course Bank of America never would b/c they suck at everything, but any other bank might.

  3. Because I wanted to make sure Brian could cover his debt to Elliot, I was willing to sacrifice my date night meal of Taco Bell to make sure he got paid…

    • If anyone has the opportunity to do business with the Gilberts, Charlie is the person with whom you want to deal. She’ll bust your chops like it’s nobody’s business, but she’s the brains behind the operation… and she can drink Brian under the table.

  4. LMAO!
    Typical Brian and Charlie πŸ˜‰

    Thats why everyone loves you guys so much. Elliot, dont spend it all at once. They may send you another one!

  5. Hi Elliot,

    That looks like my social security check but it is a little more
    than the government can send me right now.

    Good Luck with that Social Security I am booking a room at the soup kitchen.


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