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I’ve never heard of before, but they seem to have struck up a unique advertising deal with Facebook. If you click on the small box next to “Contact Info” on a Facebook profile, a small box pops up with a message that says, “ makes it easy to print your very own set of custom business cards. The first box is free.”

According to its website, is a custom business card printer based in Providence, Rhode Island. was founded in 2004, and the company has “raised over $5m in venture capital from the Accelerator Group, Index Ventures and Atlas Venture, the investors behind Skype, Betfair, Lovefilm, and MySQL.”

I did some Whois research, and it looks like the domain name changed ownership in 2006, which corresponds with the company’s blog post in May of 2006. Prior to that, the domain name appears to have been owned by a different party.

The company offers an affiliate program, so I wonder if Facebook is being paid for every order/customer. Whatever the case may be, it’s a neat domain name and creative way of marketing it.

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  1. They also have a London office on “Silicon Roundabout” – we use them a lot at work. Their printfinity feature is pretty cool – 50 separate photographs/designs on one set of business cards.

  2. Moo has been offering this service through for a while. Also offered it to youtube partners a while back.

    They leave their branding on the card, so you are basically doing advertising for them as you pass them out.

  3. I thought it was some company named Moo or something that the US govmnent accidentally seized their domain and it shut down tens of thousands of people’s subdomains? If it wasn’t Moo then what was it, it’s driving me crazy.

  4. would be glad to receive some type-in traffic.

    (I regret i didn’t take some neat years back when it’s much cheaper than the current market price.)

  5. Moo delivers a good service, had a set of cards printed recently, quality print and a good service. I heard about them via Moonfruit, the company I have created sites through. Moonfruit have a Services link in their edit suite and Moo is among another company and some Google services provided. Howard.

  6. Moo do amazing business cards and little card-like things. I think they’re mainly UK based but they offer loads of different designs, colours etc. or you can design your own. Very dinky.

  7. Re: Bob – that’s actually inaccurate, you have a choice whether to keep or remove their branding from your cards.

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