Just One Question for You…


I receive anywhere from 5-10 emails a day (and usually one phone call) that start out with a sentence like “I have just one question for you” or “I just need a minute of your time.” Before I know it, there’s an email string of 5 follow-up questions, and I’ve spent an hour answering additional questions and follow-ups. Without sugar coating things, I just don’t have the time to answer everyone.

If you’ve read my blog for more than a couple days you know a couple of things about me at the very least; Blogging isn’t my main business and neither is earning pay per click revenue from my domain names. I am constantly working on making deals to buy and sell domain names, writing articles for my websites (Lowell.com, Newburyport.com, DogWalker.com…etc), and speaking with advertisers and potential advertisers for my websites.

Today has been a fairly typical day for me. This morning I was working at 6:30 and probably won’t be finished for the day until midnight, although I do take generous breaks during the day when I need them. It’s not great for personal time, but I am building my business here. I don’t want or need any sympathy but am just being straight up.

As mentioned in the past, I no longer offer domain consulting services because I don’t have the time. There are quite a few competent (and certainly more than competent) domain consultants out there who are happy to answer your questions. I am still happy to provide advice, insight, and news analysis on my blog, but I don’t do individual consulting anymore.

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