Inc. Magazine: Go Daddy Hired Over 1,400 People in Last 3 Years


There’s an interesting article and interview posted on the Inc. Magazine website focusing on Go Daddy and the company’s growth. The article features an interview with Lane Jarvis, the company’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

According to the article, Go Daddy has become “one of the nation’s top job creators” after hiring over 1,400 employees during the last three years. As many people have experienced, Go Daddy is known for its exceptional customer service. Whether I call into the regular call center or business call center, it seems that I am assisted within a very short period of time, and that is likely due to the quality of employees the company hires as well as its training program.

If you want to read a bit more about Go Daddy’s hiring practices and how the company trains its new hires, I recommend checking out the Inc. article. The focus is primarily on the hiring side of the business, but it gives you an idea about how the company operates.

One thing I’d be interested in knowing that wasn’t discussed was how many of the 1,400 new hires were call center positions, and of those, how many were new positions. Call centers tend to have high attrition rates, so it would be neat to know how much job creation is happening at Godaddy vs. filling vacant positions created by employees that have left the company.

Whatever the case, it’s good to see this type of publicity for a domain industry company.



  1. Their low level customer service is very, very good.

    Without naming any names, I just waited four days- that’s one, two, three, four days- to get response for a support ticket from another registrar.

    Their advanced customer service isn’t that bad, but they clearly put 99% of their efforts behind low level customer service. Advanced customer service dealing with more complicated issues is where boutique registrars really shine. Smaller customer base, much smaller employee base but basically everyone on staff is qualified to handle every level of customer care.

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