Hopsy: Nice Use of a .Beer Domain Name


I saw an advertisement on Facebook that caught my attention yesterday. It’s a product called Hopsy, and I was probably targeted because of my affinity for good beer (Tree House, Alchemist, Trillium, Maine Beer Company, and a few others are all local beers I have in my beer fridge nearly year-round).

When I clicked over to the Hopsy website, I saw something else that caught my attention. Hopsy uses a .Beer domain name for its website – Hopsy.beer. I think it is the perfect usage for a .Beer domain name and would serve as a good example of their value.

Hopsy looks like it would be a fun gift idea for someone who likes beer, and it is always neat to see the new gTLD domain names being used.

Hopsy.com has been registered since 2002, but there is no website. In addition, because of GDRP, the Whois data is “REDACTED FOR PRIVACY.” Even if Hopsy wanted to buy the domain name, it would probably be more difficult for them to get in touch without hiring a broker who could do additional research. It does not look like the company bought the HopsyBeer.com domain name.

I may not be an investor in the new gTLD domain names, but they always catch my eye when I see one being marketed. Perhaps MMX, the company that operates the .Beer extension, should consider using it as an example of a company perfectly utilizing a niche new gTLD domain name.


  1. Elliot…call me nQuisitive, but I think you and I have a lot more in common than not. Now when describing yourself as having an “affinity” for beer may be a little ostentatious, I too have a similar affliction.

    This said, beer drinkers and the girls who know them will enjoy this Amstel commercial titled, “Why women stay single”; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFKM9SHo-Qc

    Furthermore, your post made me hand register HopalongBrewery(.)com, HopalongBeer(.)com and Hopalong.beer. When you see this Wiki page about Hopalong Cassidy (my childhood hero) you and your readers may understand why; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hopalong_Cassidy

    Bulloney aka ThatNameGuy™

  2. Big fan of Maine Beer’s Lunch.

    Still itching to try Tree House but I know availability is very limited!

    Hopsy looks interesting as a product as the beer equivalent of sodastream- as you state they should grab the dot com.



    • I bought a few Tree House beers to NamesCon last year. It was a bit of a pain, but maybe I will do it again if I there are a few people interested.

      MBC has several great beers. I had Dinner once a couple of years ago and our local beer shop has Lunch in bottles on occasion.

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