Google Announces Calico but Oracle Owns


According to a blog post from Google today, “Google today announced Calico, a new company that will focus on health and well-being, in particular the challenge of aging and associated diseases.” Google CEO Larry Page also announced the new company on his Google Plus page.

To me, the most interesting aspect of this news is that the exact match domain name for this company,, is owned by technology giant Oracle. I did some research and here’s how it appears Oracle came to own

  • Calico Commerce, Inc. owned in 2001.
  • PeopleSoft, Inc. acquired Calico Commerce in 2002 in a $5 million deal, and with it came the domain name.
  • Oracle acquired PeopleSoft in 2004 for $10.3 billion.

Oracle isn’t using as an independent website at the moment. Instead, the domain name forwards to Oracle’s home page. Perhaps Oracle will sell the domain name to Google, although the company most likely would do it more as a favor to Google than because it needs the cash.

I will be keeping my eyes on to see if the domain name changes hands.


  1. Would be funny if we see UDRP from Google against Oracle. I know it is not going to happen… But just because it is owned by Oracle. And that is a sad reality.

  2. Calico is a cool ghost town in Southern California. If I were Google, I would have selected another name than Calico to head their health campaign.

    Funny thing is that I was looking at this exact domain today and even searched for the domain hack, as mentioned above, before reading this article.

    My motivation was geared toward California travel.

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