$200 Contest: Your Favorite Domain Forum Moderator


The last cash contest I ran was a pretty big hit, so I am going to run another contest. I’ve said in the past that being a domain forum moderator isn’t an easy job, can cause personal and business conflicts, and it doesn’t generally pay well (if anything).

Forum moderators need to be able to  diffuse  problems effectively and maintain good relationships with people who may question their decisions and be rude to them in response to doing their job. Put simply, domain forum moderators have a difficult job for which they aren’t compensated very well.

I am seeking out your nominations for the best domain industry forum moderator. I will then run a poll with the nominees, and the winner of the vote will receive $200 from me via Paypal or check. No strings attached.

I will post the voting rules once the poll is up in a few days, but you are welcome to nominate a moderator in the comment section below. Feel free to post the person’s user name and the forum to be counted. Someone only needs to be nominated once to be eligible. Please only submit one nomination or your comment will be deleted.

Nominations will close on Friday, July 13th in the evening (my time) and the poll will be posted sometime early next week. I am currently traveling, so comments may take a bit longer to approve than usual.


  1. Yes I’d definitely Donna at DBR. She does an incredible job of keeping the signal to noise ratio incredibly high and also with balancing the existing community while introducing new members.

    And sorry in advance Donna… I know you are now going to have a flood of new applicants to screen through.

  2. I would nominate Donna from DBR.

    If we are allowed to nominate domain moderators emeritus, Safesys/Snoopy/MattyP from DomainState all deserve a nomination as well.

  3. Equity78 at namepros.

    Raymond is a solid moderator and basically founded the .tv sub forum there. He’s one of the most dedicated moderators in the domain business and very helpful in my learning process as well. He wants everyone do well and its amazing to much how much work he does to help other domain investors. Setting up a wordpress blog and the list goes on and on.

    Thanks ray and the .tv community appreciates it.

  4. Hats off to all mods on all forums.

    I read your blog and got introduced to Idn names a few years ago.

    So, from that forum (IdnForums), I nominate a moderator that takes no bull and is always pretty fair before the ax falls…someone who has style and panache……. the Grim Reaper!

  5. I nominate G.R aka Grim Reaper at idnf. all the other mods at idnf get credit, and my outmost respect however. id vote for them all if the pole was not limited to 1 vote.

  6. Another vote here for the Grim Reaper – please let him – I don’t want to be carved up in pieces.

  7. Without a doubt it has to be the Grim Reaper from IDNforums. Though I don’t know if one from the afterlife can have a paypal address.

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