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Sean Stafford’s entry into the domain industry was similar to mine. He got his start registering names for around $8 and selling them to others for 4-5 times the purchase price. Once he found success at that, Sean began to focus on higher value deals, as the risk and reward is much greater. An idea of Sean’s sparked the creation of a company (DNZoom), which has received significant industry press of late. Sean has done very well for himself in the domain industry, and I keep hearing good things about him and his company.
I received a copy of Sean’s Domain Graduate e-book a couple of weeks ago, but I just recently had the time to read it. If you are new to the domain industry, I think Sean’s book is a very good read, and it’s jam-packed with information about the many facets of the domain industry. There are many things that are second nature to me now, but it would have been great to know about them when I was first starting out. Whether you want to learn about the different types of traffic, the best way to monetize your names, analyzing a domain name on the aftermarket… etc – it’s all in the book.
Although the price of the book is a bit hefty, I think it will help flatten the learning curve, which can be pretty steep (and costly if you are registering hundreds of new names). If you learn just a couple of things from Sean’s book, you could literally save hundreds of dollars. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have purchased this book when I was first starting out because $97 could have bought 10 new domain names. However, if I knew how much information was included in the book, it would have been a big a mistake to not buy it, because it would have saved me hundreds of dollars.
According to the Domain Graduate homepage, the price of the book is going to increase to $197 once 200 copies have been sold. I have no idea how long until that will happen, so you might consider buying it now.

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  1. I met Sean Stafford at the BIDo party in Las Vegas and had a great talk with him about his book. Sean is a very personable person and I enjoyed my conversation with him. To me, he is the person that “Wrote the Book” on the industry and will give credit where it is due.
    I suggest anyone that is trying to get his or her arms around this business to purchase it. I believe it will save you thousands if not make you thousands. Time is money and this is a good road map to helping understand this simple but very complex and dynamic space.

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