Report: Adam Dicker of DNForum Files Lawsuit Against Owner of DNF.CA


I was just sent a link to a blog post written by  Samer Jouaneh and posted on DNF.CA,  in which Jouaneh discusses a lawsuit filed against him by DNForum owner, Adam Dicker. The lawsuit is over Jounah’s ownership and operation of DNF.CA, described as the “domain name forum for Canadians.”

Dicker owns the domain name, and it forwards to DNForum. It’s alleged that people commonly refer to DN Forum as DNF (similar to how I refer to Domain Boardroom simply as DBR). I have used in the past to directly navigate to DNForum and I am sure I’ve called it DNF in the past.

I believe both parties reside in Canada, and I also believe the lawsuit was filed in Canada.

According to Jouaneh, “On June 15th,2011 Domain Consulting Group Inc. (Alleged Owner of filed a lawsuit against me personally (Samer Jouaneh) and claimed I was allegedly infringing on their website.”

In the post,  Jouaneh refers to some of the allegations against him and alleges that “the line that was used in the Statement of Claim is completely fabricated.”  Jouaneh posted screenshots and links to in response to allegations made in the lawsuit.

I personally don’t think it’s wise for  Jouaneh to post details of his case in a public forum like his website, but I suppose that is between his lawyer and him.  I am not a lawyer, so I am not going to comment on whether I believe Jouaneh has rights to use DNF.CA as a domain forum, but this will certainly be an interesting case to watch progress.


  1. What is their to allege ? People are not blind. Click the links. The posts were changed. They dont say they were edited by anyone…they have the same date but magically they say very different things. And they benefit the claim in the lawsuit.

    Is anyone disputing whats on ?

    Altered posts and then used in a lawsuit. Elliott, you recognize what this is correct ? If I post on a forum, I do not expect my posts to be changed, and worst then used in a lawsuit against me. People in the domain industry need to stand up and be counted here.

  2. I personally don’t care for Adam and the way he conducts his business (and calls out all the hard working bloggers). I have to say that it does look like Adam edited his posts as the archives show a different story all together.

  3. Acro, I know you have your own mind and opinion. The lawsuit is the lawsuit and it will proceed. Click the links Acro and be the judge. Domainers have a horrible reputation and we are making it harder for ourselves by dancing around this.

  4. It is clear samer was a dnforum member and new about the reputation of The lawsuit will be settled in court and Samer will lose based on this fact. Change your forum name and man up Samer. Your smear campaings just make you look childish. This matter won’t be settled on blogs by you or your multiple personalities that keep posting. The more you say on blogs, the weaker you make your case.

  5. WOW! If the information posted in that thread at is true then it sounds like someone needs to be charged with a crime. No way that can be legal.

  6. Jack,

    Thanks for reading, you can view the information yourself through

    Adam has already removed being for sale on

    That’s okay, I have evidence. “DCG” can explain it in court.

  7. So he removed the for sale too? He really should have thought out his lawsuit more thoroughly as it seems like he is trying to plug all the holes. You did the right thing by taking screenshots and detailing everything. Adam is giving domainers a very bad name. And like I said before, I still have a sour taste from when he attacked all the bloggers out there. He thinks he is Rick SwHe’s acting no different than companies that try to reverse hijack names via WIPO and the like. Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling he is not, though I do think he thinks he is. Stay strong Samer. Nobody likes a bully.

  8. Adam you have sunk to a new low. Not only do you not respect your members which is clearly evident but to submit fabricated evident in a court in Ontario ??!! Do you have any respect or regard to anything ? I hope charges are laid because the court system needs to make an example of people like you. You clearly have no moral judgement. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. “The logo looks a lot like the (trademarked) logo from”

    because they both use a maple leaf ? The logos have different fonts, colors, layout, handling of the maple leaf etc. I’m sure this was a joke or maybe even a commentary on the interpretation of trademarks 🙂

  10. Scott,

    Thanks for the support.

    I also have a copy of the post that he deleted regarding domainers not being experts unless they make 500K per year. Unedited of course.

  11. Nothing to add here (I am clueless to this case) but I’d be curious to see where these randon “first name only” posters are posting from.

  12. That is actually a funny comment from a guy who posts with two initials. AB, please get educated on this, read the links and make your own judgement.

  13. lol Elliot can actually tell from ip addresses about who is who and if they are same person posting under different aliases. But hey something about this:

    “The logo looks a lot like the (trademarked) logo from”

    Both logos are quite different form eachother, as someone stated above, fonts, design, graphics, nothing really matches there bud! 🙂

    And I’m watching this case..

  14. For whatever Dicker may or may not be doing to manipulate the facts, it remains that you deliberately chose the name “DNF” as an acronym for a Domain Name Forum (called “Domain Name Forum”) many years after there was a well established DNF in that same field.

    You’re either the least creative human on earth, or the dumbest. I have no respect for copy-cat ankle biters who rip off a successful concept because they’re too useless to think up anything worthwhile with their own brain.

    Seriously, you could’ve named it ANYTHING but you chose to lean on the existing enterprise and become a knock-off artist. So totally hope you lose. Absolutely hate guys like you.


    A creator.

  15. What’s next … guy with sues the because both sites are about laugh out loud? I’d say if they were both something more unique like: Domain Name Empire or Domain Name Kingdom … but you can’t trademark something like Domain Name Forum or Domain Name Search. Even the acronym means the same thing. On top of that.. the guy doesn’t stand a chance if he didn’t trademark dnf in canada. guy is canadian, operates the site in canada and is targeted towards canadians…

  16. I do not know and have no dealings with either party in this case. I personally would like to see this case settled (or dismissed). Unless the court delivers an extremely articulate and well thought out verdict, whichever way it goes is going to be bad for everyone.
    Either you can successfully enforce tm on blatantly generic terms like ‘domain name forum’ and use this to stake claim on ‘DNF.xx’ (insane) OR you can brazenly copy someone else’s work, ideas and get off scot free. Imo both suck.
    I’ll be ordering in extra popcorn for this one.

  17. Elliot, There’s an update over at by Adam that “Samer lost his motion to dismiss the case, and was ordered to pay part of Adam Dicker’s court costs.”

    This should be interesting, can I share some of your popcorn’s Linda? 😛

  18. I guess if dismissal is not happening then unless they settle its popcorn time, so sure you can share – u bring the beers.

    *NOT* with respect to this case because I do not know all the facts, but…
    Its sad to see times when people fight instead and cannot come to agreement that would save both time, energy and money whatever the outcome. I cannot help but feel in these cases that at least 1 and possibly both parties MUST be irrational.

  19. Either you can successfully enforce tm on blatantly generic terms like ‘domain name forum’

    Which Mr. Dicker isn’t. He’s trying to show the letters DNF has acquired TM rights as an online forum for domain name topics, and that Mr. Jouaneh’s domain registration is infringing on that trademark.

    For example, the letters WBC are being used by the World Boxing Council, the World Barista Championship, and the World Boardgaming Championships. None of them have exclusivity over the acronym WBC, yet one can’t force the other to stop using WBC as long as what they’re doing doesn’t sufficiently confuse users.

    Currently it appears both Mr. Dicker and Mr. Jouaneh are trying to show common law TM rights for DNF. One catch is Mr. Dicker can show where Mr. Jouaneh arguably came up with the idea for, and that’s despite his editing the latter’s posts in DNForum.

    I too wish both parties can settle, but I guess that’s not going to happen.

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