NFL Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley Files UDRP


New York Giants star Running Back Saquon Barkley won the NFL’s Rookie of the Year award this year. Barkley was the #2 draft pick in the 2018 NFL Draft (behind Baker Mayfield) after graduating from Penn State University. According to the World Intellectual Property website, a LLC that appears to be related to Saquon Barkley filed a UDRP against the domain name. It is WIPO case #D2019-0269. was registered back in December of 2014. From what I can see on, it looks like the domain name was originally registered before Barkley became a star football player at Penn State – perhaps even before he played at PSU. The domain name appears to be registered to an entity in New York.

When I visited the domain name to see how it is being used today, I was forwarded to Barkley’s Instagram page. shows the domain name had previously been forwarding do a different website.

The UDRP was filed by Saquon Barkley SRQB, LLC. I can only assume the domain registrant is not affiliated with Mr. Barkley, hence the UDRP filing. I will keep an eye on this UDRP filing, but I would bet the NFL Rookie of the Year will prevail.

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