ICA Seeking Nominations for 2019 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award

Shortly after the unexpected passing of Lonnie Borck, the Internet Commerce Association (ICA) created a domain industry award in his memory. The inaugural award was presented to David Weslow ofWiley Rein, and this year's award was given to Kathy Kleiman. The ICA is currently seeking nominations for the 2019 Lonnie Borck Memorial Award. Here's a description of the Award: "The Lonnie Borck Memorial Award is granted to an individual for indelible contribution to domain investor rights,... Read more

Daily Poll: How Many Times do You Follow Up on Old Leads?

It's frustrating when an offer or inquiry comes in, I respond to it, and I don't hear back from the buyer. It is even more frustrating when their offer is somewhat close to the asking price, and I think there is a pretty good shot of the deal getting done. Following up on offers and inquiries is important. Brokers spend a lot of time following up with prospects. If you've ever inquired to buy a... Read more

Offer an Installment Plan

I saw a NamePros post discussing the Huge Domains installment plan option. You can see an example of the installment plan option on this domain name I randomly found on the company's home page. I think Huge Domains is one of the largest domain portfolio operators around. I recently wrote about its parent company, Turn Commerce. Because I have a relatively small domain portfolio when compared to other domain investors and domain investment companies, I... Read more

No, You Can’t Sell My Name First

A few days ago, I had a prospective buyer land on one of my BIN landing pages and fill out the form with his information to indicate that he agreed to buy my domain name for $7,888. I reached out to him and opened escrow at Escrow.com. I didn't receive a response to my email confirming his purchase, but he created an account at Escrow.com (or already had one) and agreed to the transaction. I... Read more

Your Domain Name May Not Be Investable

I am almost always looking to buy good inventory. I primarily seek out great one word .com domain names, but I also regularly participate in auctions for generic terms in the .com extension that would make a good investment. People also regularly send me domain names they want me to buy. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are not investable for me. Just because I pass on a domain name buying opportunity doesn't mean the... Read more