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While at NamesCon, I had the chance to chat with Protrada founder Troy Rushton. Most of our discussion revolved around the company’s platform, which I wrote about last Summer. In looking through the features offered by the platform, it looks like it  could be helpful for people who want to sell domain names on their own.

Troy mentioned that Mike Berkens is now using for  his corporate domain sales website, I chatted with Mike about the platform, and although it is still a work in progress, he is happy with the platform and its lead tracking tools. You can learn more about  the features and pricing to operate your  own domain sales website on the information page.

I saw that the company shared a series of  videos on YouTube to show how to set up a domain sales shop using the platform. Most of the instructions are fairly easy to follow, but the videos are helpful for those who are better visual learners. I think that many people default to parking services because it is easiest to set up, but it looks like setting up a Name Investors website is pretty easy to do, even for those who don’t have a great deal of technical expertise.

When you get going with a domain shop, one thing you will want to do is customize your shop to ensure that it looks different from shops that other people operate. There are many ways to customize the shops with various colors and images, and I think it’s important to do that. If you happen to have trouble setting up your shop, I understand that the team at is there to help. You could probably also hire someone at Elance or Odesk to make customizations if you have trouble doing it.

If you use, or any other domain sales platform for that matter, I recommend going through the sales process to familiarize yourself with how prospective buyers will interact with the platform. It’s important to know how to set everything up, but it is probably more important to make sure that the sale process is easy for prospective buyers to understand. You may want to test various features of your shop, including pricing and calls to action.

You can learn more about the features and pricing to operate your own domain sales website on the information page. It looks like it could be a good platform for people who want to sell their own inventory without using a broker.


  1. I haven’t finished setting my account up yet, but when I had a couple of questions/requests to make, Troy was quickly responsive. Customer service is tops on my list of needs and more than met my expectations.

  2. I was just reading their “no more” list and got to this one:

    “No More Commissions”

    So how do they make any money? Don’t even see any ads there.

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