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2019 Escrow.com Awards Announced

This afternoon at NamesCon, Escrow.com announced its annual Masters of Domains awards to the ten highest grossing domain brokers from the prior year. The award is based on the dollar volume of brokered transactions closed via Escrow.com. Award winners were presented with a trophy to honor their achievement.

The winners of this year’s Escrow.com awards are:

2016 Domain Industry Awards Ballot

THE Domain ConferenceThe nomination period for the 2016 Domain Industry Awards was opened a week and a half ago, and anyone was permitted to submit the names of people and companies they felt were deserving of an award. This morning, Howard Neu sent out the final ballot, and voting is now opened.

Published below is the voting ballot as well as the note from Howard Neu, organizer of THE Domain Conference. The Awards will be given out on September 13th at THE Domain Conference in Ft. Lauderdale.

I want to say “thanks” to those who thought to nominate me for a few of the categories. I decline the “Developer of the Year” nomination though. I neither consider myself a web developer nor did I do any notable development recently. I see more deserving people in the other categories in which I was nominated, but the Developer of the Year nomination must be a mistake (or a joke) and I decline the nomination.

Here’s the ballot and voting rules:

Nominations Open for Annual Domain Industry Awards

THE Domain ConferenceHoward Neu sent out an email this morning announcing that the nomination period is now open for the annual domain industry awards, formerly known as the TRAFFIC Awards. The awards will be announced and given out at THE Domain Conference on September 13.

Domain industry award nominations are being solicited for the following awards:

My Favorite Domainers Choice Awards Category

Yesterday morning, Donna Mahony announced that nominations are now being accepted for the 2015 Domainers Choice Awards. There are 15 award categories this year. Voting is being tabulated by a third party voting service called VoteNet.com.

My favorite award in the Domainers Choice Awards category is the Industry Customer Service Rep award:

“This award is to honor the customer service representative that consistently goes above and beyond to provide the highest levels of service to the domain community. Please include their name, company, and title, and a brief description of why you feel that they deserve to be recognized. The reason as to why MUST be included.”

There are

Run Off for THE Domain Conference Awards

Howard Neu sent me an email last night with an update about THE Domain Conference Awards. There is going to be a run-off vote for this year’s awards, and Escrow.com will be collecting the votes.

Here’s what Howard told me:

The response to our Primary Election Ballot has been tremendous. Our thanks to Brandon Abbey and Escrow.com for receiving, tabulating and reporting the results. No one person or company received 50% or more of the votes in any category, so attached is the Official Run-off Ballot. Every person who received 10% or more of the Primary vote is in the run-off. Voting closes on Tuesday, September 1st at 5 P.M. PDT.

I was very surprised to see my name as one of two finalists for Domainer of the Year, along with Ali Zandi. I can think of people who are much more deserving of this award, but I certainly appreciate the nod. I was also listed in the run off for blogger of the year with other people I respect greatly.

If you want to cast a final ballot in the run off, the votes are due by tomorrow (September 1st) at 5pm Pacific time. I am sure many of the nominees would appreciate your support, especially as it could have a positive impact on their businesses.

Here is the ballot:

Nominations Open for THE Domain Conference Awards

I received an email from Howard Neu announcing that nominations for THE Domain Conference Awards will open today at 9am. After the nomination period closes, the final award voting will be managed by Escrow.com. The awards will be announced and handed out at the September 29th award luncheon held during THE Domain Conference.

To nominate a person or a company for one of the award categories, you need to send the following nomination information to Nominations@THEDomainConference.com. The nomination period ends on Thursday, August 20, 2015, so your nominations need to be received by then or they will not be counted.

Here are the categories and nomination format:

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